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Tania Colgan

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Tania Colgan

Eugene OR,


I'm hoping to find a career, not just a job. A place that challenges me, and allows me to grow as a person and in my craft. I'm looking for my home away from home.

Summary of Qualifications:

I'm a hard worker, self motivated, and always up for learning new things. I'm a recent graduate from Lane Community College's multimedia program. I don't have a lot of experience doing more than freelance work, but I'm a team player, and I'm up for the challenge of putting my skills to the test. Below is a list of equipment and skills I'm comfortable with.

PC & Mac
Nikons & Canons
Digital Audio Devices
Microphones (dynamic and condenser)
Arri kits, studio rack lights & more
Final Cut Pro
Adobe CS
Pro Tools
Digital Performer
Film/Sound/Image Editing
Sound, Foley, ADR
Graphic Design
Web Design
Character Design
Concept Art

Professional Accomplishments:

Prior to attending Lane Community College, I worked for over a decade in the food service industry. I was a shift leader for 6 years at two separate branches of the Quiznos franchise. While working a conventional job, I also did freelance graphic design work, primarily designing logos and tattoos. I had the opportunity to intern at the Archaeology Legacy Institute while in school. I worked on website maintenance, video editing, graphic design, and comics for them. I also got a chance to help them with their International Film Festival, and recording their news program in a studio setting.


Lane Community College

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I grew up outside of Philomath, Oregon. I have considered myself an artist since I was very little. Prior to any formal training, I experimented with different mediums and styles, trying to find my own. I grew up in the country on a horse ranch. I spent a lot of time observing nature and drawing, playing video games and studying different cultures. I have high hopes of traveling and creating in my future.

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Tania Colgan

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